Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To promote, established, start, maintain, organize, run, manage, supervise, superintendent, co-oridinance, affilate, control, guide and grant aid to the Madrasha, schools, colleges, B.ED. Colleges, D.ED., Universities, hostels, laboratories, libraries, auditorium, lecture halls, exhibition, reading rooms, training institutions, practical classes, and other educational institutions for the promotion of arts, literatures, science and commerce.
  • To established, maintain, control, manage and render financial assistance to hospitals, health centers, nursing home, dispensaries, maternity homes, clinics, sanatorium and other establishments for providing medical facilities and to promote medical research in this centers in all faculties and systems of medical practices and provide medical help including supply of medicines providing Ambulance services arrangement of medical van and medical unit to the public irrespective of any caste, colour and need and to promote research for medicines for cancer and other incurable diseases.
  • To start, support, organize and give financial aid to the social, cultural and moral renaissance of the people and to develope physical, mental and educational capacity of the socity and to promote schemes for such purposes.
  • To organize and undertake social welfare programmes and activities to foster social unity and to reform the society through moral and ethical movements for awakening of the self in relation to the society and to organize the dedicated youth to serve the suffering of humanity.

Our Vision

Our vision to perform that notwithstanding herein contained in the income as the corpusof the Trust fund the same shall be aaplicable and applied to for Public Charitable Purpose only within such territories and subject to such conditions or limitations.


The properties and funds shall vest in the name of Trustees constituted by persons executing the Deed of the Trust. The number of nembers of Board of Trustees shall not exceed 11 and the vacancies can be filled by co-option by the existing Trustees.


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