Our History

One day, While He was top of his professional career
Sk Anisur Jaman

He witnessed, a 2 years old Nazimul has lost her father due to a Bus accident and it changed the direction of his life . He was deeply disturbed. It Forced him to leave his job and follow his NGO. It is “The Biography of Sw.Vivekananda” and “Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita” which were the catalyst of his transformation. This direction became the reason of the Birth of this NGO. The Organisation’s values are set by the ideology of Sw. Vivekananda and it is the driving force behind all the activities of the organisation.

Success Story

Year Ago,She Was A Crab Catcher, A Malnourished,A School Skiver. Today,This Savar Tribal Girl, Sabala Wants To Become A Doctor. What, NGO Is Striving Today, All Because Of Your Support..

How you can help us

Just call at (+91) 9333715392 to make a donation